About Us

Syllogic Consultants is a consultancy firm specialising in sustainable growth.  
Venkatanarayanan K. Aurovrata Venet Radhika Ganesh
(Syllogic Head) (Strategy & Analytics) (Co-Founder)

Our Mission statement is very simple:
"To Enable Integral Sustainable Business in India"

We do not specialise in any particular industry, but rather promote the concept of integral sustainable growth by incorporating all stakeholders in a company.  For more details you can read the corporate article in this post.

If you wish to contact us, you can reach us at:

Venkatanarayanan K. Aurovrata V.

(Syllogic Head) (Strategy & Analytics)
Tel: +(91) 99400 66327 +(91) 90430 28221
email: venkat at syllogic.in vrata at syllogic.in