Friday, 10 February 2012

Sustainable roofing.

I remember my early youth living in a thatched roof house in Auroville.  The rain and wind always felt so much more closer and inspiring.  Thatched huts on the beach are another memorable image in my memory.  Somehow, the feeling of relaxation and soothing effect of the surf on the sand and the sea breeze whistling through the hut is so much more holistic an experience than a concrete house on the beach which has a greater effect of sealing you indoors than the thatched walls and roof of a hut.

This article is a nice remainder that even in a city you can have your thatched roof on your terrace giving you opportunities to sleep outdoors in the hot season.  A very sustainable alternative to tile roofs, especially when you consider the very people who are engaged in the making it possible, the rural employment in cutting, drying and weaving coconut palm leaves, as well as the artisans that construct the roof, all a know-how that would be sad to loose if we fail to promote this industry.

I certainly will opt for a thatch roof when I start building my house!  But even if you live in a flat, why not convince your community to get one on top of the block?


  1. wat about the mosquitoes

    1. Mosquito net is best. You have them hanging from the rafters on a permanent basis. It is much more sustainable and healthy than the mosquito repellents available in the market today.


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